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    Workplace Safety Signs Your Business May Require

    A lady was getting late for the meeting, walking past the corridor quickly suddenly fell and receive major injuries because she didn’t see the wet floor ahead of her. Do you think you can reverse this situation and stop this accident beforehand?

    Well, you can with the help of safety signs!

    If only there were a caution/warning sign of a wet floor, the lady could save herself from falling by walking cautiously on the floor or taking another alternative route.

    Now, do you know how crucial workplace safety signs are?

    At the workplace, if you use signs, they may alert employees from danger, warn them about potential hazards, and caution them to stay safe. With the correct signage and proper procedure, many workplace accidents and injuries can be avoided. However, the key is finding the right signs for your business, made by the top digital signage company.

    Let’s move forward to read what vital safety signs your company needs to avoid accidents!

    1.    Prohibition Signs

    When you need to tell people that they can’t enter into some specific places, you will need to place a prohibition sign – the one with the universally recognizable red circle with a diagonal line through it.

    These signs help you keep people away from entering private property. They can even warn people that they are not welcome in a specific area. You can also use this sign with a pictogram of a cigarette for a NO SMOKING area. It will help forbid smokers from smoking in certain places.

    2.    Danger Signs

    If you need to warn people about potentially life-threatening hazards, you need to use a Danger sign. The familiar sign with a red oval inside a black rectangle with the word DANGER written in bold. Common danger signs include ‘High Voltage’ and ‘Do Not Enter,’ which you may use in a workplace.

    3.    Warning Signs

    When the hazard conditions are not life-threatening, a warning sign lets people know that they could still get hurt. These signs are easy to identify with their yellow background and a black triangle around the hazard symbol. The most common warning sign is ‘CAUTION WET FLOOR’ that tells people to be cautious while walking on a wet floor.

    4.    Mandatory Signs

    A mandatory sign is a must when you have an instruction that needs to be followed at any cost. You can recognize these signs by a white symbol or pictogram within a blue circle on a white background.

    If your workplace requires protective equipment, for example, you have seen a sign somewhere like ‘Foot protection must be worn in this area OR hearing and eye protection must be worn in this place.’ You can also have just a word message with no image for mandatory signs.

    5.    Fire Signs

    Fire signs are available to indicate the location of all your fire equipment, including fire blankets, fire horses, fire extinguishers, and more. The bright red of fire signs makes it easy to spot around fire alarms and fire-fighting equipment. In these signs, all text and imagery is white and stands out against the red background.

    In A Nutshell

    Signs are sometimes necessary to put for people. For this reason, it is very important that they are easy to understand. Simple graphics or words work much better than long instructions, allowing the person to make an immediate decision. They help in many ways, and safety signs serve as a reminder and are helpful to those who are not necessarily familiar with the specifics or the process.

    You can find all the safety signs for your workplace in high quality at Signs Wholesale Now. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and dial the number to save your employees from sudden accidents and injuries.