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    Lightbox Signs To Promote Athletes

    The Tokyo Olympics 2021 has taken the world rapidly under its wings. Although, due to COVID, the management has to go through different limitations, including total lockdown and stoppage in all sports. But these limitations make it possible to run the Olympics safely.

    High-impact LED scoreboards and lightbox signs are installed all over the field to cater to the different needs of athletes and their fans during the matches.

    Let’s dive in to read how digital signage change and promote the athletes’ overall experience of Olympics games 2021.

    1.    Provide Premium Virtual Experience

    Where the global pandemic has been very hard for many reasons, the one challenge it gave to management is the allocation of fans in the field. Due to COVID, it is not possible to allow a large audience in the area. Thus, they resolve this matter by installing large digital screens all over the field so the viewers can watch the matches from far away while maintaining the distance.

    Moreover, these LED screens also allow cameras to get a clear picture of the matches to on-air the Olympics games on TV screens, social media, and mobile phones.

    2.    Content Channel For Athletes

    Digital screens are now as common as hot dog stands in a sports venue. They are not a rare technology anymore. In arenas, stadiums, and changing rooms, you will find lightbox signs, LED displays, and billboards everywhere to drive different objectives.

    These different screens are the content channels for a sports team. They make the players and officials aware of schedules, weather conditions, scores, winning teams, and stadium timings. Moreover, these LED lightbox signs show highlights of the match to fans and teams and motivational messages.

    3.    Make Game Days Better

    Digital signage is finding its way into other venues to enhance customer experiences in order to promote athletes and sports. It helps attract and thrill the viewer. In some cases, venue operators hope to sell more at their franchises. But screens of all types and sizes are also being used now behind the scenes.

    One of these big screen jobs is to tell fans and athletes about the direction of the restroom and concession lines during the time of short game breaks. With visuals and numeric cues, fans get the information from digital signage screens located around the concourse areas. For example, some of the screens suggest the waiting time for a beer at one stand is 10 minutes, while another concession stands just around the corner has only a two-minute waiting time.

    These screens provide a superior customer experience. Moreover, it helps the arena/stadium operator reduce the number of people looking at line-ups to avoid missing the game action.

    In A Nutshell

    The thrill and enjoyment of seeing a competitive sports challenge and then watching them winning is something we can all agree on. To participate as one country, supporting the brave and devoted athletes is the essence of a genuine sports fan.

    If you are looking for high-quality digital signage, contact Signs Wholesale Now to make the sports experience even better for the viewers during this pandemic.