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    How To Use Digital Displays And Signage For Social Distancing

    Digital signage plays a crucial role in communication and density management strategies. Especially when trying to adjust to this ‘new society’ that emphasizes social distancing.

    From the past two years, we have seen a trend of people walking at a distance from each other. But now, as time passes, people are losing track of this safe practice. They are getting back to their old habits – leaving the world in chaos.

    In this regard, what will be our step to unite people again on safe habits? And what’s going to be the most appropriate solution for the employees, citizens, and public where businesses serve the most?

    Two problems and only one solution, i.e., Digital signage. The ability of LED lightbox signs to reach a fragmented audience across a range of mediums has become much better than before. With thermal sensors and return to work strategies in place, businesses are now focusing on ensuring they collaborate the right message at the right time by leveraging a common platform to reach everyone.

    Let’s go in-depth to see how digital signage are promoting social distancing in the world!

    1.    Visuals & Messages

    ‘Do it outside’ has been the word during the pandemic, and outdoor digital signage plays an imperative role in assisting people in keeping a safe distance.

    Digital Signage works on four basic principles: distance, domain, design, and details. The best viewing distance ranges from 30 to 200 feet, based on how digital screens are used.

    The second D, i.e., domain, requires a rugged panel that can withstand the harsh winters. The next variable is a design that delivers a stair-stepped edge on the top and bottom of the outdoor and indoor digital signage.

    The last D finishes in the details through digital content such as marketing communication, branding visuals, entertainment, media controller, and structure. Here you can display the message of social distancing with visuals to promote healthy practices among the public.

    2.    Flex Space

    The most relevant outdoor digital signage type has been the outdoor display for food stores. At the start, many fast-food brands were not ready to provide a socially distant and touchless experience. Afterward, several restaurants have added drive-through or curbside services.

    Big, engaging, and daylight-viewable digital screens are contributory to the effectiveness of a drive-through experience. Restaurants now see the significance of having weatherproof outdoor digital signage – particularly in areas visible to direct sun and rain.

    Drive-through restaurants with LED lightbox signs will provide an excellent way to connect with clients and promote socially distant experiences for many years to come.

    In A Nutshell

    From hotels to car dealerships to museums, each business and location benefits from installing outdoor digital signage to smooth shift from traditional procedures to newly updated methods.

    To guard the health and safety of workers, brands and businesses are looking to integrate new and existing technology solutions that help everyone understand what safety measures are in place.

    Digital signage solutions can help keep the end-user and the company that installed it more connected, engaged, and knowledgeable.

    If you are looking for outdoor lighted signage boxes to display engaging social distancing messages via illustrations and animation, contact Signs Wholesale Now Inc for the best-illuminated business signs.