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    Different Mounting Methods For Lightbox Signs

    Digital Signage have become the talk of the town. And why shouldn’t they? They have so much to offer to business owners regardless of their business size. These remarkable interactive digital displays are indeed the need of the hour. In a world still suffering from the effects of pandemics and the economic turmoil present, digital lightboxes signs are budget-friendly, innovative products.

    Over the course, digital signage has been improving on bringing in a reasonable amount of traffic. One of the most notable benefits is you can install it anywhere, inside or outside your store. Also, it is not only about any digital signage but with the right design, content, placement, and mounting methods. You can become the next big name in a competitive market.

    Some Interesting Data

    The popularity of digital signage is spreading far and wide. The retail sector is seeing a considerable positive change. Other sectors such as healthcare, corporate, restaurants, and even the financial world see ample potential in lightbox signs.

    Outdoor advertising is also gaining momentum as it is an incredible way to promote the business’s products and services while maintaining all the SOPS. These cutting-edge technologies seem to bring in a hefty amount of revenue and profits to those who know how to utilize them effectively.

    The days of static billboards are long gone. Its the era of sending communication over to the audience in interactive ways. This is one reason that you should plan and strategize carefully before putting up a screen. It greatly helps in reaching out to the audience.

    Mounting Methods

    Let’s dive into some of the mounting methods that can bring sufficient traffic to your business:

    Flat Wall:

    If you choose to go for one of the simplest mount hangs, it is similar to a picture hanging on the wall. The type of metal that we usually select is the metalwork to provide it with optimum protection. It makes it safe, and no one can tamper with the digital signage. Another way is to hang it in a way that allows it to protrude no more than 4 inches from the wall.

    Tilt Wall:

    These mounts are ideal for places that go above the standard line of view. One of the finest examples is the digital menu boards at restaurants.

    Their location makes it incredibly more accessible for the audience to check out the items they want to order. The audience finds it extremely easy to get a more comprehensive and clear view of the digital display with flexible adjustments.

    Cantilever Mount Method:

    A double-side sign that is usually mounted on walls and works ideal in terms of directional signage. It comes with the option of making it illuminated or not. With the right professionals, it can turn out to be relatively cost-effective and easy to install.

    Double Saddle Mounting:

    The technique works for single or double poles. The saddle brackets are present at the top and bottom of the sign cabinet. The poles move through the saddle guide bracket present in the cabinet’s bottom to fasten it at the top to the saddle bracket.

    Ceiling Mount:

    In these mounts, we hang screens with the help of metal harnesses that connect with the ceilings. They provide numerous heights, along with different angles.

    Video Wall Mounts:

    This mounting requires relatively more incredible technicality and adjustments with precision. With video wall mounts, you have to go with custom mounting designs. For the best results, it Is always better to contact a professional.

    Between Poles:

    The sign cabinet sits between the two posts and is put into place. One of the most common ways is the angle irons to provide robust placement to the sign in-between the poles. A plate is set inside the cabinet for the flush mount.


    With digital signage mounting, it is essential to contact a professional like our team at Signs Wholesale Now Inc. for reliable outcomes. As professionals, we better understand the mounting method that would work best for your needs.