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    Celebrating International Day Of Sign Language

    The international day of sign language holds immense significance all over the world. The United Nations General Assembly has selected 23rd September to celebrate this special occasion. The primary purpose is to bring about awareness regarding the value of sign language. And it all started in the year 2018.

    Background Check Of The International Day of Sign Language

    Before we dive deep into everything about this particular day, let’s get into the background to attain some basic yet significant knowledge. The proposal came forward from the WFD (World Federation of the Deaf). WFD came into existence in 1951. It is a federation that has 135 national associations of people who are hard of hearing. They represent the human rights of almost 70 million deaf people worldwide.

    The organization holds a primary goal of persevering the sign languages and the deaf culture so that the human rights of deaf people can stay under continuous highlight. Before transforming into a global movement, it was in September 1958 that the celebration of the International Week of the Deaf was initiated. Since then, it has been undergoing constant evolution and plays an integral role in spreading awareness of deaf issues.

    When Is The Next Event?

    An upcoming webinar by the WFD and UNOG (United Nations Office at Geneva) is on 23rd September 2021.

    The panel will consist of WFD’s high-level experts, State-Parties and UNOG to build awareness regarding the importance of sign languages. The webinar will shed some light to help State Parties learn ways to provide sign languages to others.

    International Day of Sign Languages is a great event and a valuable chance to promote the cultural and linguistic diversity of deaf people worldwide. While also including those who use other sign languages too. A fantastic opportunity to show people the complex everyday challenges they have to face.

    This year, the theme is “We Sign For Human Rights,” focusing on the importance of the difference collaboration between deaf and hearing people can bring about in every corner of the world. By only working together, we can make it possible to recognize that usage of sign languages is everyone’s right. And the vitality of using it in all aspects of life.

    Interestingly the number of sign languages is more than 300. How so many?

    The number of deaf people worldwide is 70 million, while 80% reside in developing countries (Stated by the World Federation of the Deaf).

    Are Sign Languages Completely Alien?

    People do think that sign languages are something unique. They are, in fact, proper natural languages, a bit different structurally from spoken languages. Interestingly, deaf people also use a bit easier version of sign language with a limited lexicon. The deaf people also use this version during international meetings and even when they are traveling or socializing.

    Impact Of Digital Signage In Sign Language

    We know the wide usage of digital signage in several industries, from education sectors, professional settings, hospitals, retail stores, and more. And while it’s expanding far and wide, it is playing a vital role by acting as a cutting edge technology in breaking language barriers too. With these interactive digital displays, deaf and blind schools are utilizing them to enhance interaction. Announcements and live classes displaying hand gestures are becoming convenient to deliver.


    With the ever-evolving world, no one should stop learning and gaining new experiences. People from all spheres of life, even those dependent on sign languages, benefit from the fantastic features of lightbox signs.

    You can also utilize digital displays for promoting any event or even your business. With an enticing screen and impactful content, you will surely grab the audience’s attention.

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