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    Four myths about outdoor led billboards, decrypted!

    Could you make your communication a source of revenue generation?

    It comes as no surprise that, in today’s fast-paced digital age, brands draw most of their revenue via monetizing their vision.

    Sounds bizarre? Let us prove.

    Outdoor led billboard advertising or OOH advertising is a primary driver of revenue. In fact, the right ooh advertising strategy has been reported much effective in triggering consumer action as compared to any online banner ad.

    Have a walk through these four most common myths about outdoor led billboards that keep businesses from reaching their fullest.

    Lightbox Signs are overpriced

    The initial price tag of Outdoor led billboards often dissuades businesses from exploring the benefits of digital signs. The main reason for this is not considering what goes into it and how much money they can actually save in the longer run. When you invest in the printing costs of leaflets, calendars, maps, newsletters, and registration forms over a period of 3-5 years and compare it to the cost of outdoor led billboards, it becomes much easier to streamline. Not to forget the nuisance that comes with all of that.

    When you invest in digital signs, you don’t only get a TV screen. You’re getting a full system that’s designed to run all hours of the day, store loads and loads of content, data, and display your content anywhere anytime you want.

    You’re also not on your own as soon as you invest in your system(s) – as you get yourself a team that’s there to help and support you with whatever you may need.

     Replacing the content on-screen is time-intensive

    Digital signs software is designed to assist businesses and not to rob their savings. Designing and scheduling content is made easy. You can schedule time weeks, months, and even years to come. The software is made so that the average consumer can easily follow along and do what they need to do quickly. Outdoor led billboards train encourages engagement between the consumer and the business and make sure they are confident in consuming data this way.

    The impact of Outdoor led billboard advertising is minimal

    Similar to just about anything, poor planning always leads to poor outcomes. Before reaching out to discuss the pricing and implementation of digital billboards, it’s important to evidently map out all the goals and expectations, as well as a method of going about them.

    This includes positioning the display, knowing your target audience, the content you want to deliver, and also how and when you want to provide it. Digital signs are more like a tool for success. However, proper planning is essential and necessary. And remember, except change, nothing is constant. It’s all about finding what works best for you and your business.

    Digital signs, kiosks are replacing manpower

    Many people are under the impression that interactive digital signage, like self-service kiosks, takes peoples’ jobs away. On the other hand, such types of digital signs aid in the better utilization of employee time by allowing them to lay special focus on customer service and day to day operations. These kiosks not only improve operational efficiency but also enable business owners to count on such technologies to use their employees more effectively and productively.

    Digital signs are changing the way people do business. Every successful business owner wants more time to dedicate to the satisfaction and well-being of their customers. More effective communication and improved operational efficiency allow you to devote more time to your business. Let us help you take the initial step.

    We at, Signwholesale brings you an assortment of digital signs that help you articulate your vision the right way.