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    How to Drive Customer Traffic This Black Friday Sale?

    With Black Friday around the corner, every retailer and marketer is gearing up for attracting maximum eyeballs, and why not?

    This is the best time of the year to earn hefty profits. But it is not a simple game of conventional selling methods, instead, it requires creative strategies and witty marketing tactics.

    If you run a business specifically a physical product, then you should know the art of gaining traction through eye-catching, engaging content, and displays.

    Therefore, keeping in view your concern, we are going to discuss a valuable strategy that can help you gain profits greater than last year.

    The Secret to Earn Big Bucks This Black Friday Sale

    Traditional stores need to up their games in a digitally dominant world. With the constantly increasing competition, utilizing a cost-effective yet equally engaging digital signage can immensely increase your chances of driving foot traffic.

    The visual message gets absorbed in the viewer’s mind quickly.

    Simply put, digital signage and light box display are extremely effective to grab the audience’s attention.

    According to studies, our brains respond faster to visuals faster, along with retaining and transmitting information to a greater extent when delivered visually.

    Interestingly, stores and brands use humongous digital or light box display to keep their audience engaged. Why? Because they know that big display leaves a prolonged effect on the customer’s brain.

    How? Long after they have passed the signage they are already visualizing themselves buying the product. Thereupon, making the audience hooked up to your product for a prolonged period.

    Brands and Visuals

    According to a survey by FedEx Office and Ketchum Global Research and Analytics, almost 76% of consumers i.e. eight out of ten, had entered a store or business never visited before just based on signs.

    The imagery connected to your brand plays a vital role in letting the audience know your brand’s visions and mission. Using intriguing digital light box display increase the likelihood of people entering your physical store.

    Why Use Digital Display and Light Boxes for Black Friday Sale?

    This Black Friday sale, despite the current situation, people are still going to continue their shopping spree, and come to your store searching for discounted deals.

    Undoubtedly, Digital Light Box Display makes you stand out.

    And If you haven’t considered yet, it’s about time you should.

    Let’s look at some of the benefits you can avail via digital displays this black Friday.

    Convincing Invitation to Customer

    A digital signage or light box display give all the information to the viewer in simple words.

    Since the entire information is easy to process and comprehend, the customer tends to become easily attracted and pay a quick visit without thinking twice.

    For example, a bright, shiny digital signage or a light box display can effortlessly grab the attention of any individual passing by, ultimately increasing the number of customers visiting your store.

    Increase Patience

    Black Friday sales are full of long queues that can create feelings of frustration and impatience in the customers.

    According to a study from Lavi Industries, 35% of the waiting time is reduced due to digital signage. Therefore, these digital displays can play a vital role in providing improved customer experience, along with a pinch of entertainment.

    Utopian Appeal

    Digital signage and light box display gives an overall dynamic, interesting outlook to a business.

    For instance, if you are selling technological products, then showing the enticing features of your products on a broad, big screen can attract customers.

    Moreover, it subconsciously builds trust in your brand.

    And they might end up buying more than one product.

    Stores can also use digital signage to let their customers perform a call to action. The touch screen can allow them to choose products, download content, or place items in their shopping cart.

    Interesting Reminders

    While there used to be static displays previously, digital signage gives you the advantage of displaying numerous ads in a short amount of time.

    Something visual, and acting appeals to the viewer, making them interested in your product from the very first go.

    You can use these displays to give a gentle reminder to your customers regarding any upcoming incentives, deals, or products.

    If you are putting digital signage in a window, it becomes even easier for the customer to buy the desired product. As they can buy and make purchases without entering the store.

    Going Holographic

    Digital signage provides extra benefits to a physical store as it can be used to not only promote products, or discounted offers.

    But you can give your customers a more realistic view of the items they are going to buy and the final outlook.

    For instance Finding the right pairs of jeans can be a daunting and extremely frustrating task.

    To cut down the long, boring process short, Nordstorm provides digital signage, Digital Denim Doctor, that shows 360-degree imagery, along with the ideal jeans type that fits your style and preferences.

    Other brands such as Sephora or Rebecca Minkoff have also adopted innovative ways to enhance customer interactivity through digital signage.

    Stores can make the journey even more interesting by connecting physical elements with e-commerce.

    How? With the help of QR codes, customers can easily download and compare product information on their phones. So they can easily buy the product later when they want to.

    Staff at Ease

    Digital signage makes it easy for customers to navigate around a store without feeling the need to ask salespeople any basic questions.

    This in turn enables the staff to direct their attention towards rather complex issues of the customers. It minimizes the workload and creates an overall positive image of the store as exceptionally professional and helpful.


    Quality Digital signage can bring massive traction, huge foot traffic, and strong communication to brick-and-motor businesses. The display should have the potential to influence the customer, enhance the interactivity, and make them feel welcome.

    People are looking for convenience these days, and digital signage makes it extremely simple for the customer to comprehend what they should expect after entering the store.

    All in all, this leads to one of the biggest concerns of all retailers i.e. customer satisfaction.

    To summarize, utilizing digital signage or light box display can make the customer’s journey delightful while enhancing the in-store experience.

    Will you be using a Digital Signage this Black Friday Sale?