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    Digital Signage & Changing Norms Of The Workplace – SWNI

    Remember when sitting behind the high cubicles was the norm in the 90s? Well, those are the thing of the past now. Today, in the 21st century, the typical office look and its standard have changed thanks to digital signage. Workplaces are embracing the use of digital signage to connect with the staff and to increase employee engagement.

    Over the decade, we have seen the future of the workplace evolving slowly. It is becoming modern, informative, connected, and adaptable. The more we get used to this new way of working, the more we have realized how essential these fundamentals are to create a smart workplace.

    So how can we use digital signage in place of traditional billboards and posters to transform workplaces? Here are some ways:

    1.      Deliver Significant Broadcasts

    Instead of using communication tools such as newsletters or email to distribute the information among employees, business communicators find digital signage a more effective. As they deliver essential announcements all over the workplace.

    The fact that digital signage is visually alluring can increase the chances that employees will become aware of the company’s important news. Thus, digital screens often act as a social media wall, company culture, and connect employees across multiple locations.

    2.      Recognize Top Performers

    Sometimes, employees don’t need a handsome salary or promotions but a simple pat on their back to recognize and motivate. This morale can do wonders in fostering up the employees’ performance.

    Business communicators and HR use digital signage solutions to identify top performers. They do it in a simple, clever, and effective way by displaying the ‘Employee of the Month’ on a LED lightbox sign so then the whole organization can see who is performing well in different units and departments.

    3.      Solicit Employee Feedback

    Bulletin boards and posters are a one-way communication channel for management to deliver information down to the staff. But, digital signage solutions establish two-way communication between the upper management and staff. To engage employees and to strengthen the company’s internal brand.

    Employees are exhilarated to share a custom hashtag on their Instagram account. Travel photos to weekend adventures of employees posted on their social media, featured on the screen in a cafeteria by the HR, highlight employee engagement activities.

    Similarly, digital signs can also show employees’ voting results on the next team event or corporate training.

    4.      Incorporate Fun Into The Workplace

    Sometimes good humor is all someone needs to make their bad day good. Humor is the best touch for improving the company culture or getting the team through a big challenge. No employee likes a stressful workplace that leaves them with an empty feeling and no desire to work.

    If you ask a manager today about the usage of digital signage, many would reply that it’s to lighten staff’s mood. However, humor requires consideration, creativity, and carefulness. It is good to avoid negative connotations in the humor that affect the diversity of the workplace in any way.

    Where You Get The Digital Signage?

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