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    How Digital Signage Has A Crucial Part In The Olympics

    With every other sector, sports are also continuously undergoing a massive digital transformation. And the Olympics Tokyo 2021 are no different. The pandemic has shifted the usual ways into entirely different methods. But with difficulty came innovation too. And we can see that the world of sports is immensely diving deep into utilizing technology at its best.

    Digital Signage – Providing Access To The Other Side

    The most-awaited event, Tokyo 2020, is underway, and it is undoubtedly a big deal. The event has, beyond doubt, come a long way. The sports fan knows the struggle and the amount of patient they had to undergo for the past few months. Indeed, it has been quite a bit of time since we saw some of our most favorite players and teams.

    Fortunately, the interactive digital displays are making it all happen and doing it amazingly. With a big screen, whether at a hotel or on the roadside. Our wait has finally come to a well-deserved end. It is the year of watching the summer Olympic Tokyo 2021 virtually with the same zeal and enthusiasm. A digital screen offers an incredibly immersive experience. You can feel the thrill and excitement within your bones of your favorite team winning. Although with the ongoing changing circumstances of covid, we have to appreciate the valiant attempts of players and taking part in the Olympics.

    Digital Signage Industries Changing The Games

    Interestingly, countless digital signage industries are making optimal efforts, so you don’t miss out on the significant moments of the Tokyo Olympics. They have created specialized content.

    For example, Wovenmedia has developed, you can say, free content that can be downloaded (up to 20 videos) with the assistance of NBC Sports. At the same time, Network operators can download too without worrying about any credit cards. Since NBC is one of the most reliable and authentic US broadcasters, the material that they are providing is licensed and legit.

    On the other hand, Screenfeed has also put up the latest results and news to share with the users. It is an automated feed with information related to athletes, outcomes, and even medal count.

    Digital Signage And Olympics – A Unique Relation

    Over the last few years, the incorporation of technological advancements has taken place rapidly. The Olympics has undergone a significant change too. We can all witness the increased usage of social media, outdoor lightbox signs, and other technological tactics.

    The emergence of lighted box signs has been an integral building block in bringing creativity and enhancing production capabilities to the biggest stage, i.e., the Olympics. When we go back to Rio’s Olympic Stadium, there it was, a 30 meters long and 9 meters high LED digital display. One of the biggest to be installed in a stadium. The breathtaking screen displayed replays and scores from numerous events simultaneously. And it did a pretty fantastic job. It was one of those times when we saw a significant shift from old ways to a cloud-based system; A considerable usage of SaaS technology.


    We believe it is only the beginning of an era where sports will heavily and creatively connect to technology. The Summer Tokyo Olympic 2021 and some previous sports events have proven to be complete mind-blowing sports experiences for both the players and their fans. Undoubtedly, the digital signage industry can consider itself a vital part of promoting the Olympics in times to come.