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    How Digital Signage Will Transform Your Live Events

    In this current era, where everything is going digital, signage is also one of them. Digital signage has become a big thing in the market, leaving traditional advertisements far behind. Their use is not just limited to retail stores, schools, hospitals, and restaurants anymore. But also, businesses are using digital signage to cover live streams of their events and new product launches.

    But why businesses and brands are shifting to digital signage? The answer is very simple because digital signage is more visible, engaging, informative, and flexible to change. Moreover, it’s a one-time quality investment, unlike traditional signage. Given this much power to digital signs, we can say that a lightbox sign can make or break your business.

    Let’s see how businesses can use this techy tool to transform their live events into a memorable evening of the day.

    Dive in!

    1.    Dynamic Navigation System

    Do you think dynamic navigation of live events is possible with traditional signage? Of course not! Once you build out your agenda, your signage will display only the live session currently being held. The best part is if things go off track or you need to change your plan, a good digital signage platform will recognize those changes and adjust your live stream accordingly.

    2.    Live Audience Response Results

    Another thing you can add to make your live event more appealing is using Audience Response System to engage attendees socially. Speakers can poll attendees on a certain topic, gain live feedback, and adjust their presentation based on the results. This provides exceptional engagement openings even in a room of one thousand or more.

    Seeing those results populate in a live event on a lightbox sign gives attendees a tangible visual to work with. It also allows them to share their voice and opinions on the screen with the public.

    3.    More Engagement

    An image can depict a thousand words, but the video is more powerful, especially live. You may have a representative who speaks directly to event attendees, and you can show him up on the big screen – live to the attendees. You can also show a montage of corporate clips of the highlights of previous events on the screen. In fact, you can display whatever you feel is relevant to your attendees and can catch their attention quickly.

    4.    Enhanced Communication

    A large sum of information on traditional signage can become cluttered and unreadable, but digital signage will not be that case. An outdoor lightbox sign can rotate between sources of information, even on live streaming. It can be much more information-rich, specifically if you incorporate images and videos.

    5.    Digital Signs Are More Flexible

    Your signage has to show the information needed by your event attendees in that location. However, the information required can change either over the day or in response to new situations.

    In this case, digital signage allows you to easily update the information without needing multiple versions of physical signage – making it a flexible option for businesses to have around when covering live streaming.

    That’s how digital signage transforms your live event!

    Where Can You Get The Digital Signage?

    Contact Signs Wholesale Now’s team to get the best custom LED lightbox for your live stream.