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    Digital Signage in Car Parks

    With the ever-increasing population worldwide, the significance of having a competent commute and parking system is gaining momentum.

    Digital Signage seems to make waves in almost all sectors. Brands, advertising, and even brick or mortar businesses are taking considerable advantage of this innovative technology. Interestingly, it is bringing countless benefits to the parking domain as well. It is undoubtedly proving to be a must-have tool for everyone.

    Let’s look at some of the fantastic benefits that digital industry is continuously bringing to the car parks and the parking world:

    Did you know that West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is the largest parking lot?

    Real Time Updates

    Most massive buildings with the expectation of a large public are using digital counters to inform the spaces available in the car park. However, it is not entirely in function and is in the progress of further improvements. They are pretty convenient when it comes to knowing the number of available spaces. But they don’t perform well when it comes to telling where precisely those places are. And here comes the digital signage who tick all the requirements for adequate direction.

    Whether it is a poorly lit underground parking area or a fully lighted open parking area, digital signage removes all the stress of parking a car at the right place. With these interactive digital displaysdrivers can easily see the path they may want to follow to find the perfect spot. Also, since they are not hard to find and are at a correct eye level, the chances of missing out on the needed direction and location/place highly unlikely.

    Essential Information

    Direction is not the only thing that compromises car parking. A reasonable amount of car theft incidents take place in parking lots. Usually, the operators are obligated to make the people feel that their vehicle is not in jeopardy. Digital Signage in car parks can make the job exceptionally easier. They can display security alerts to warn any car thieves of the hot waters they would find themselves in if planning to do anything troublesome.

    A lot of countries show parking charges and opening hours as a legal requirement. But drivers may be unable to see it at times. Digital signage makes it unmissable. With digital signage in the car park, the driver can access all the information even at the point of entryThe more efficient services you provide to drivers utilizing your facility, the greater your chances of not missing out on earning reasonable revenue.

    Moreover, we cannot emphasize enough the significance of maintaining safety in the parking area. As both drivers and pedestrians use the site, the lightbox signs can act as an excellent tool. It can display crucial parking reminders and speed limits to maintain safety for everyone.

    Sales and Events

    Car parks’ digital signage is not merely for the purpose of displaying driving instructions. But they are also used for hosting some of the most exciting events such as small concerts or car boot sales, etc. You can spice things up and use the led lightboxes for practical promotional purposes.


    Comparatively, Digital Signage is far superior and multifunctional to standard static signage. You can, without the worry of harsh weather, install them outside. And not only for the drivers or pedestrians, but the operators can also change timing and prices instantly through a content management system. Additionallythe incredible technology stays functional without any interruption all day long. With countless amazing uses, Digital Signage undoubtedly has the potential to improve customer experience and the quality of parking lots.

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