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    Digital Menu Boards for Restaurants

    In a digitized world, where every business is shifting towards the latest technology, there is good news for restaurants. Digital menu boards are excellent investments that restaurant owners can make for their future success. With the ongoing situation where maintaining social distance and avoiding contact has become crucial, lighted box signs can be valuable and cost-effective. Interestingly, these menu boards are gaining momentum and have become a popular trend.

    If you want to know more, then let’s look into what digital menu boards have instore for your restaurant business:

    Easy and Efficient Communication

    Digital menu boards enable you to communicate with the customer in varying yet simple ways. These interactive digital displays do exceptionally well when it comes to grabbing attention. You can put up customer reviews to boost sales. Or ignite their curiosity by putting up an advertisement of a product that is soon to be introduced. You can use videos and enticing animations to attract customers. You can display your daily menus, special discounts by using visually appealing designs. Also, the bigger the picture of food, the more your customers are likely to drool and order.

    One Time Investment

    If your next move is to buy a digital display for your restaurant, you make the right decision. These lightboxes are an incredible investment, available at a reasonable price if you buy from the right seller. And if you are still wondering or having second thoughts, Signs Wholesale Now Inc. is your next stop.

    We are a professional signage company with extensive experience in designing and delivering sign boxes for various businesses of all sizes. Our team never compromises on providing quality products. But enough about us, what more can these sign boxes offer?

    If you are planning to go for outdoor advertising, these digital signs can even take on the harsh weather without disappointing you and your customers at all. Moreover, with digital menu boards, you don’t have to keep printing pamphlets or posters every time you introduce a new deal, offer, or menu item. You can easily update your menu without any additional cost but with more significant profit margins.

    Quick Changes

    Updating the menu board has become a task of a matter of few seconds. You don’t have to wait for an unlimited amount of days or pay every time you need even a slight change to see the final result. Instead, with a few simple clicks, you can do it quickly all by yourself.

    Click and Shift

    If you are a restaurant that provides all three meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner, digital menu boards will make your life extremely easy. Put those age-old menus in a store and install a big, amazing led box to shift menus as per requirement quickly. A custom led light box allows you to schedule your content. It helps you stay focused on other necessary tasks and customers. Moreover, with a mere internet connection, you can control your digital board from anywhere.

    Fun Wait Times

    It is true that waiting for your order or standing in the queue for your turn can be pretty dreadful. Staying patient becomes complicated when your stomach is growling and time seems to stop moving forward. But thanks to digital menu boards, customers remain engaged and tend to pay less attention to their turn. In other words, colorful surrounding elevates their mood that in turn provide them a tremendous dining experience.


    With people consistently looking for convenience, digital menu boards are easy to read. They can be easily updated, and edited saving your time and providing a fantastic customer experience. They allow you to put up a clear menu listing that enhances your brand image and the chance of upscaling your profits. With digital menu boards, make your platters look delectably scrumptious that will leave people ordering for more.