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    Prepare Your Digital Boards For Thanksgiving

    The holiday season is forthcoming and undoubtedly the most anticipated time of the year. With Thanksgiving, Christmas followed by New Year, it is indeed exhilarating. Interestingly, not only people but also brands are looking forward to offering enticing offers and increasing revenue. With the pandemic situation looking a bit better, one can feel the energetic vibes of the joyous season.

    It is a fantastic opportunity to use digital signage to your best advantage this year as a business. However, you don’t just put any image or message on a digital board. Instead, these interactive digital displays can significantly change the game for you and your brand with the right tactics.

    Let discuss how specific strategies and tricks can help you make the joyous occasions even merrier:

    Choose The Right Template

    When it comes to digital signage, it is integral to choose the right design for leaving a lasting impact on the audience. You can also start a countdown to your big sale. It will result in the audience having greater engagement. Moreover, the template should be in connection with the promotion’s core focus. You can carry it along with the traditional advertising practices.

    Give Them A Choice

    Creating a poll can boost the audience’s interest in your sales. Especially if you are a restaurant business, putting up mouth-watering images can leave a high impact on every passerby. You can ask them to select between two or three dishes and ask them to leave their vote by visiting your website. With this idea, the possibility of going creative is endless. Likely, word of mouth is also going to see an increase.

    Promotions and Sales

    We cannot forget another big event, i.e., Black Friday, a remarkable opportunity for businesses and brands to make delightful discounts. With enthralling promotions on a big, bright led lightbox signyou can create graphics that are hard to ignore.

    Promotions and Sales

    It is vital to use vibrant visual images, text or iconography, or even background with bright colors when it comes to discounted deals. A compelling design can surely make all the positive difference.

    Flamboyant Campaigns

    You can make your advertising campaign worth reading by putting up recipes since Thanksgiving is all about having a warm family dinner and sharing. The areas where your digital signage advertisements are doing great. There you can put up Thanksgiving recipes too. Such content gives ideas to the audience and even your potential customers. When they would be following your recipes, it would also result in promoting your name as well. There are countless design tools you can use to do so.

    If you run a restaurant business, digital menu displays will keep the customers hooked up to your screens. With limited-time Thanksgiving offers, you can make the holiday season for your customers even more exciting.


    Regardless of the idea or marketing plan you decide to go with, your digital signage screens should send out an appealing message. The holiday season is the most opportunistic time for businesses. As a digital signage company, we can guarantee that a lot can change for the good with led light boxes.

    With Signs Wholesale Now Inc., get yourself stunning digital boards designed before the arrival of big days!