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    The Use Of Colors In Designing Signage

    Did you ever notice that your surroundings influence your emotions and state of mind? Do you ever observe that some specific places irritate you, while others are incredibly relaxing? Well, there are good chances that color in these spaces plays a significant part in your memory.

    Many researchers believe that colors communicate with our brain and innately connects with our feelings, thoughts, behavior, and reaction. Therefore, brands use specific colors in designing digital signage to firmly imprint their identity in people’s minds.

    Choosing colors for a brand is not about picking a favorite color but about communicating without words. Here, strategic color choice enables a sign to draw attention to itself by using the right colors needed by a brand to stand out the most.

    If you ever wonder about the best colors for designing signage, read this blog to unlock the answers.

    Importance Of Color In Signs

    ·         Visibility

    In making the brand more visible in the market, colors in designing signage help a lot. An intense color linked with other designs in signage attracts people’s attention. Moreover, colors help to make the signage readable from a distance.

    ·         Let Customers Understand Your Values

    Colors are a great way to communicate with your target audience and let them know about your values. Using the right color in digital signage, you can transmit the message you want to display on the lightbox sign.

    ·         Affect Customers’ Buying Decision

    Once a customer starts walking towards an item that has his/her favorite color or is attractive to their eyes, the major part of purchasing decision has already been made. Thus, a good combination of colors and design in signage will highly affect the buying process.

    Color Psychology For Signs

    ·         Red Symbolizes Action

    When it comes to visual cues and personality, red evokes strong emotions and symbolizes passion and love. It also increases the appetite and intensity. Coca-Cola, YouTube, Heinz, and Burger King are its famous example.

    ·         Blue Symbolizes Trust

    Using blue color in creating signage stimulates trust and sincerity. It also encourages communication and increases cheerfulness. Its good examples are Nikon, Facebook, PayPal, etc.

    ·         Yellow Symbolizes Optimism

    The yellow color in the signage symbolizes happiness, fun, and energy. It also delivers a sense of positivity and warmth. Its best example is McDonald’s, Shell Oil, and BIC.

    ·         Green Symbolizes Health

    Green is the color associated with health, nature, power, and tranquility. It is used in stores to relax customers and to promote environmental issues. Its best example is Starbucks, Whole Foods, and Land Rover.

    Best Color Blending For Signs

    The most suited colors for advertising signs are the colors that pop up immediately in people’s minds on hearing the brand’s name. In this respect, the color wheel helps the brand pick up the right color combination for their signage.

    On a blue background, red color tones cast a different hue, and red inside of black background makes the red pop while red on a white background shrinks inevitably. So when planning out the colors for outdoor business signs, you need to pick a few colors that look right together. Try selecting the optimal contrast, such as white or yellow lettering on a black background.

    In A Nutshell

    When planning out your sign’s design, keep two fundamentals in your brain attraction and clear communication. And while you are at it, select and display the correct colors. It will surely bring in good business.

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