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    How To Transform A College Campus With Digital Signage?

    The 21 century is considered an age of digitalization where students are more tech-savvy. It is because of the digital generation consisting of electrical devices around them. That’s why to attract today’s youth; higher education institutions need digital solutions that can provide information quickly, efficiently, and in an appealing way.

    Fortunately, it is easy to install and update the boards around the campus with digital signage. These lightbox signs enable the college administration to quickly share interactive and valuable information with students, faculty, and other community members.

    So, let see how these digital signs can transform a traditional college campus into a digitalized one.

    1.      Find Your Way With A Digital Map

    Meandering hallways, sprawling campuses, and mazes of buildings can make it difficult for students and visitors to navigate. The static map quickly fades and becomes outdated, requiring frequent updates. Instead, why not place digital maps in high-traffic areas of the campus to make it easier for new students and other faculty to find their destinations quickly and easily?

    The lightbox sign can show students the best route to get where they are going; moreover, mobile integration users can even send the direction from their phones.

    2.      Enhance The Recruitment Procedure

    In addition to providing navigational services, college administration can use digital signage solutions to boost their recruitment procedure. Interactive kiosks can be placed around the campus tour route.

    The administration can also offer visitors, students, and their families to sign up for this opportunity to receive vital applicant information and other real-time recruitment announcements.

    3.      Convey Information To Students

    Digital signage makes it easy for colleges to interact with students regarding upcoming events, deadlines such as registration and tuition fees, classes schedule, emergency announcements, and community news. These digital signs allow students to get the words out whenever on campus.

    4.      Boost Learning Experience

    When used in lecture halls and classrooms across the campus, LED lightbox signs can provide visual images for teaching. These screens are perfect for showing educational videos, extracurricular activities, due dates, experimental inventions, and test results.

    Digital screens located in reception, lobbies, meeting spaces, and outside lecture halls can show schedules at specific times.

    5.      Engage In Games And Sports

    Digital screens are ideal for games and sports venues and museums, events, alumni centers, etc. They can engage and inform students and visitors about the history of the campus and other extracurricular activities taking place in the college courtyard.

    The administration may install a menu board at cafeteria and concession stands and wayfinding to locate rooms for more festive purposes to welcome fans at entrances. This strategy will boost the school spirit and enthusiasm of the crowd.

    In A Nutshell

    Students are interested in a range of topics that could include a lecture from their psychology class to lunch options. Nearly 70% of U.S colleges have discovered that campus with digital signage is an ideal tool for the higher education setting. Thus, to make the education setting a better place where students can learn and have fun simultaneously, digital signs are the real-time options.

    If you want personalized lightbox signs for your educational institute, you may contact Signs Wholesale Now Inc.